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Do not let others set goals for you, that is something you must do for yourself; and regardless of your own doubts, I want you to know that you are up to the challenge. I want you to know that if you do the work, success will follow. You can reach heights you thought were unattainable; all it takes is hard work and dedication. Too often we get in our own way by setting limitations as to what we can and cannot do. And, as we now embark upon the month of June, the month that marks the midway point of the calendar as well as the Masonic year, I encourage you to reflect upon the first six months. I encourage you to ask yourself what more could I have done to benefit my family; to benefit my Country; to benefit my Lodge and to benefit my Brothers. June also marks the beginning of the summer break in our Grand Jurisdiction, and as you embark upon your time away from the Craft, I encourage you to use this time wisely. Use it to improve yourself, and if you do that, then by extension, you will also be improving all those around you. Fraternally Yours Ray Fortuna 1 (848) 219-4464