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My Dear Brethren,

First, I would like to thank everyone for supporting me over the years with your advice and guidance while I was ascending to the East. The attendance of the 2023 Installation of officers was nothing short of epic. On behalf of all the officer’s Thank You.

A fresh year and new beginnings require reflection on critical values including gratitude and sincerity. Let’s show thanks more now than we have in the past. Thanks to our families, friends, neighbors, coworkers or even the strangers in the stores. Show thanks and appreciation! Say thank you, it goes a long way. And if that Thank You is not returned its ok. We have no idea what kind of day that person is having. In the past I have not thanked or acknowledged just because it was a bad time or whatever but hearing it did affect me positively.

For sincerity it starts with a smile. Just giving a smile and or nod of your head means so much. I was in retail many years ago and I remember how those gestures helped me make it through the day. Now I pass that forward to recognize and show appreciation. No one is perfect but we can help each other to be better. Sorry I didn’t mean to plagiarize there but it’s true.

In closing I charge you to carry these virtues in your everyday life. Any time reach out to me just to grab a coffee and chat. To discuss issues that we will keep between us without judgement. Our bond is strong and I have benefited from that bond.

Stay safe and tell your loved ones you love them daily!

Charles R. Gibardi, JR.
Worshipful Master
Mt. Zion lodge #135