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As we prepare for our upcoming New Year 2022. We all hear of or even make a resolution for the New Year. Just as a business performs year end inventory and prepares to adapt for the year ahead So should we as men prepare for the upcoming year. I would like therefore, to challenge you to find a quite place undisturbed to sit and reflect on the year past. Stop and take some time and prepare your own honest and complete inventory of yourself as a man and a Mason. May we all be willing to review our balance sheet and seek the spiritual guidance to make those changes that are necessary. Be sure to be thorough and honest with yourself when compiling your inventory. I refer you to the Holy Bible that inestimable gift of God to man, that is given to us as a rule and guide for our faith and practice. You need not rush this process, but instead be willing to institute positive change. Let us strengthen and add to those that are positive for us and remove those that hinder our continued growth as men and Masons. Do not be afraid to seek out well informed Brethren, who will be always ready to listen and provide good and wholesome instruction.

Finally, let us all embrace the coming New Year. May we prepare for the year ahead with a strong balance sheet and determine the areas in which we can help each other to grow as men and Masons. May we all continue to have good health and meet safely to perform our work as Free Masons. As William Shakespeare wrote in his famous play – Hamlet: To thine own self be true

Fraternally Yours,

Raymond Fortuna